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Big changes but not a big effort

24 May

It occurred to me when I was grocery shopping the other day that we really have made some great changes and that these changes are now part of our everyday habits.  I don’t need to think too much about it now; it’s routine.  My shopping cart isn’t full of processed foods but instead full of vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs etc.  That’s not to say there isn’t processed food but I tend to get processed food from stores such as Wholefoods where the chances of finding unnecessary additives is much lower (not ruled out though). I bake cookies instead of buying them and not only is it not that hard its actually fun and the kids can help.  We occasionally bake bread (not as often as I’d like but hey I’m not perfect) and yes, its still white because I’m picking my battles and my kids won’t eat anything else (but its thick and crusty, doesn’t have preservatives in it and tastes pretty good). We are still learning as we go but the point is we have made some big changes but this hasn’t translated into a big effort. There was a bit of work at the start to work out what was out and what was in but now it is routine and when I’m waiting in line at the store I’m pretty happy with what’s in my cart.

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